Hundreds of years ago, Hythe was little more than a lone, remote temple to the god Arawn called The Temple of the Black Star. Decades later, a keep was built near the temple to protect the pious clerics and travelling worshippers.

Other buildings—houses, storage, stables—slowly grew around the two imposing structures forming a small settlement that would become known as Hythe. Since then, Hythe has flourished into a bustling town on the Trade Way, the lone road heading inland from Erlestoke. Nestled on the western edge of the Ironwood Forest, Hythe is now a well-known way-point on the road from Erlestoke to the interior.

Hythe is ruled by a baron, Malin Sherrod. He is advised by a small council of influential citizens: the wizard Thanel; the (now dead) merchant Adwald; Cesc, the cleric in the Temple of Light; and Ames, caretaker of the Five Spears Temple.

Hythe is the home to many of the character's other friends and allies: Ecile the bookshop owner; the Clough family (Rhobat, Maldwyn, and Pelor) who run the Red Owl Inn; and Earun, owner of Blades, Breastplates & Beyond.

Size: Town (~3,000) Human settlement
Government: Baron of Hythe (aided by a small council)
Defense: Town Guard (police/soldiers/guards paid for by the Baron)
Commerce: Mainly farming, hunting, lumber, and trade.
Organizations: Temples, merchant guilds, hunter’s guild, ranger’s guild. 


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