Erlestoke is a large city split in half by the Red River. (Originally Erland and Stoke were two separate villages.) Two main bridges and small private ferries connect the two halves of this large settlement. Each half has its own a central town square and keep.

The city is clean and well-run by the ruling council on which sits the head of the city's nine most influential guilds. The city is on flat land and is protected by a wall on all sides. However, except for the keeps and a few towers, buildings rarely go beyond three stories tall.

Erlestoke is the home of the character's friend, ally, and occasional employer, Cadwgawn.

Size: City (~10,000) Human settlement
Government: Council of nine Guild Leaders (see below)
Defense: Arms of Stoke, colloquially called the Redcloaks, are reserve soldiers who defend the town in times of war. Town Guard, called Graycloaks, are the local police force, guards, road patrols, and bodyguards. Both paid for by the council.
Commerce: Trade, travel, mining, lumber, construction; Erlestoke is the home of many of the region's most powerful and influential guilds.
Council: Erlestoke's council is made up of representatives from nine influential guilds: the Red Sails, the Red Shields, the Thantars, the Circle of Stars, the Black Spears, the Tightpurse, the Long Moon, the Horn of Light, and the Four Swords.


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