Casus was created by Arawn], the first of his kind, who raised the many worlds from chaos and darkness. First, he created four raw, elemental planes (earth, fire, air, water). Over countless centuries he used these elements to craft the material planes and the opposing forces of life and death. These two forces took celestial forms and became Morrogan and Brimantia each bearing four of Arawn's children. These eight joined their creators in the celestial planes to build, watch over, and aid Casus and the other worlds of their creation.

Religion & the Gods

In the world of Casus, gods exist and are very real. In this polytheistic religion, practitioners believe in and worship eleven gods who are all part of one greater unity. The second tier of gods remains in conflict, grouped into two opposing sides based on the alignment of their mother. The celestial children of Arawn and Briamantia are called The Four Fates. Their siblings, the children of Arawn and Morrogan, are called The Eyes of Death.

The most important tenet of this religion is to do good, although what "good" means depends on the god or group of gods that one follows. Contravening the ways of one’s god is the worst sin. People worship in colleges where clerics and priests learn and teach the life path of their deity and help others to follow the same path as best they can. The paths of The Four Fates closely follow one another. As do the paths of the Eyes of Death.

The First

Arawn God of Live and Death Five-Pointed Star
Brimantia Goddess of Life and Nature Stag's Head
Morrogan Goddess of Death and Conflict Crossed Spears

The Four Fates

Pelor God of Sun and Healing Sun
Elda Goddess of Wisdom and Fate Ring
Vistora Goddess of Magic and Illusion Circle of 7 Stars
Gilean God of Love and Strength Intersecting Hearts

The Eyes of Death

Helm God of Protection and Justice Eye on Upright Gauntlet
Maylorr God of the Hunt and Sport Eye on Clawed Paw
Vakys Goddess of Secrets and Death Eye on Palm of a Hand
Staloss God of Storms and the Sea Eye on a Cloud



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