Borc's Bandits

Episode 9: How to use your friends as bait

"Hey, you guys! I got another prisoner! We're so good at being bad guys!"

- Julliumz the Bard, while posing as a member of the Bony Finger mercenary guild

As the last session came to a close, the group was left at Cadwgawn’s pied-à-terre. They needed a way to lure out some of the Bony Finger mercenaries that wanted to capture and/or kill their friendly Knight benefactor. This would allow the group to follow the Bony Finger back to their HQ (or find out the location through interrogation).

While Cadwgawn drank ale by the fire, the group of adventurers bounced around ideas. These included a variety show in the town square, a tribute concert, and a book signing. At one point they thought about disguising themselves all as Cadwgawn “so that be bad guys have to capture us all because they won’t know who the real one is.” Finally, Cadwgawn simply opted to go for a drunken walk to the market.

Sometimes a lack of planning is the best plan. The group simply followed him at a distance waiting and watching for someone to make a move. As soon as they arrived at the market, two men rushed at Cadwgawn. One shoved a dark hood over his head and the other knocked him out with a club before they quickly dragged the body down a dark alley. The adventurers spread out and tailed the men to a nondescript two-story building a few blocks away. Wax and Borc exchanged a tense look, remembering that it was Borc who freed Wax from the Bony Finger’s clutches in the very first session of the adventure.

Wax the rogue/fighter crawled up to a second-floor balcony and peered inside. Magic Pinksparkle, the warlock, climbed like a spider after him. Below, Borc, Julliumz, and Nuck Chorris barged through the front door to create a distraction (at least it worked out that way) and quickly took care of two mercenary guards stationed at the entrance.

Wax and Magic snuck through the balcony doors and crept through an unoccupied gallery full of mismatched trophies, shields, and adornments. They came to the second-floor landing adjacent to a storeroom-slash-laboratory. Wax tried to ambush the mercenaries inside since, conveniently, they all had their backs turned. Unfortunately, an incredibly creaky floorboard game him away as he approached. Immediately thereafter, the sound of shouts and smashing glass alerted everyone within earshot.

To be continued…



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