Borc's Bandits

Episode 8: The Tale of the Seeing-Eye Horse

"Good. I needed to grow up. Now someone punch this ghost in the face."

- Nuck, after being so terrified by a ghost that he aged 20 years. 

At the end of the last session, the sun was starting to set on the horizon and the gang was being led to Hythe’s town stables. Thanel the dreamy wizard had offered to procure horses for the PC’s trip north to Erlestoke. They selected (and named) their mounts and quickly departed, hoping to cover as much ground as possible before nightfall.

As they rode north, they talked and started putting together some pieces of the puzzle. For one, they figured out that the item Adwald the now-dead-merchant had recovered (and was bringing back to Hythe in Episode 1) was the same item that was missing from his shop after he was killed. Julliumz recalled it being a brooch of some kind but none of the group remembered laying eyes on it. They also wondered why the bridge was still out a week after they had first passed it. They decided to bring that point up with the Baron upon their return.

As the group prepared to ford the river at a wide, shallow crossing, Wax and Magic noticed two men in black cloaks up ahead. But the men also spotted the PCs, five armed and armoured bodies on horseback, and began to flee. The cloaked men rushed hastily through the river. One managed to get across safely but the other lost his footing, slipped, and was swept away by the current. The group was forced to split up. Wax, Borc, and Nuck chased the fleeing man across the river and through the wilderness. Julliumz, Magic, and Muggle the fox followed the river trying to keep an eye on the man getting swept away.

Wax raced ahead on his horse telling Borc and Nuck to hang back; Wax had a plan. Wax donned the similar-looking black cloak he stole from another cultist a few days back. He easily caught up with the fleeing man and pretended to be fleeing as well. Wax offered the cultist a chance to escape with it atop his horse. The cultist obliged and they fled from Borc and Nuck by heading into a thicket. Wax gave the man a fake name (Pete) and convinced him that he too was a cultist. They exchanged information. The cultist, Nick, was working for a big, bald man named Dejan. They were looking for a shrine somewhere in the forest but hadn’t found it yet. Wax suggested they split up, offering to distract the men on horseback so that the cultist could escape. Nick the cultist agreed, and they made a plan to meet up at a safe house in Erlestoke—an abandoned butcher’s shop two blocks east of the Knave and Wain pub.

To be continued…



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