Borc's Bandits

Episode 7: Death and Drug Dealing

"I say we take the dead body to the Baron and see if he will still pay us."

Borc, after the group stumbles upon the dead body of Adwald the Merchant 

As Episode 6 was coming to a close, the group returned to the town of Hythe. They had just cleared the Statue Dungeon, thus completing the task that Earun had given to Wax in Episode 3. Eager to get the shining new armour that was to be his reward, the group rushed to Blades, Breastplates & Beyond and arrived just as Earun was closing up shop for the day. In exchange for the medallion Borc had taken from the Kenku (a family heirloom which Earun wanted returned) Earun presented Wax with the armour he and his friends had worked so hard for.

It was the end of a long, grueling day but fate was not done with the adventurers just yet. As they meandered through town towards the Squirrel and Boar Inn, they heard a faint cry for help down an alley. One or two PCs needed convincing, but eventually, the group found the source of the noise. A young boy was stuck high in the branches of a tree having failed to rescue his cat which was meowing from an even higher branch. Wax, Borc, and Magic grabbed the edges of a cloak creating a makeshift safety net while Nuck quickly climbed up the tree and rescued the boy and his cat. Very thankful, the eager young boy told the group to come meet his parents who, conveniently, ran another local inn.

They escorted the boy, Pelor, home while he quickly made friends with Magic and the friendly fox Muggle. As soon as they arrived at the Red Owl Inn, the boy’s thankful parents introduced themselves and offered the adventurers food and a night’s lodging in a dusty spare room at the back of the inn. As they prepared for a well-deserved long rest, Julliumz investigated Nuck’s bronze sword revealing its mythical past (created centuries ago by the god Pelor was named after), its magical power (radiant magic dealing extra damage), and its command word (burst).

Not to be outdone, Magic donned the strange magical skeleton key that he had been carrying. As he did so, he momentarily lost consciousness, his eyes rolled back in his head, and a grave whisper floated from his lips in a language no one else understood. When Magic came to moments later, his friends informed him of this brief and terrifying episode as well as the unfortunate fact that the key seemed to be possessed by some kind of demon. Magic quickly learned that demon’s power would grant him the ability to use the key to open any lock that he wanted. But choosing to do so would provide the demon an opportunity to escape the prison within the key and possess Magic instead. This revelation proved too much to process for the fatigued adventurers. They decided to deal with the whole demonic-possession mess if and when the time came. At that moment, the opted to finally get some sleep.

To be continued…



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