Borc's Bandits


"You can read my mind all you want. I'm not thinking about anything. I'm just dancing and beat-boxing: Boom boom cha boom cha tss tss cha boom boom cha…"

Wax the Rogue after taking some of Borc's mountain mushrooms for the first time.

At the end of Episode 5, the group was preparing to infiltrate a Kenku dungeon. The dungeon though was inside a giant 100-foot tall statue of a hero on horseback that had fallen over and been hollowed out into a lair. The group had quietly taken out the first two guards, their Half-orc barbarian Borc was in drag and looking great and everyone was feeling pretty damn good. Once inside, they quickly found a temple room next to the entrance. A chest on an altar beckoned to Wax, who approached only to trigger a pit trap which he narrowly escaped. To add insult to (near) injury, the chest was an empty decoy.

Undeterred, they carried on but the next room had a strange lack of doors or passageways. However, a quick investigation found a removable stone slab in the floor leading to a short tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, they heard the clinking of coins and realized the Kenku had heard their approach. Not sure what sound to make in reply, they decided not to bother with any attempts at deception and jumped into the room swords swinging and arrows flying at the Kenku and their Kobold minions.

The enemies started to fall and Nuck spotted one large Kenku that seemed to be barking orders at the others. Nuck bolted up, leaving the cover of the tunnel entrance, and rushed at the Kenku boss. In one swift attack, he fired an arrow straight through the monster’s throat, continued charging, leaped into the air, and connected with a flying drop kick that broke the Kenku’s neck with a gruesome crack of bone on bone. The other PCs, having cleared the room, turned to Nuck with wide eyes. Cue slow clap.

To be continued…



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