Borc's Bandits

Episode 31: Denouement... but not

"I make an illusory belt that looks WAY nicer than the one Borc just found."

- Magick to Wax, after Borc takes a Belt of Dwarvenkind off Kona's dead body

The group began the session by looting the dead body of Karayan Kona. The grabbed the Animated Shield and a Belt of Dwarvenkind and anything else of value they could find. They argued about who would get what and what do to next and had a long talk with Scout about his true form—that of a Silver Dragon.

Scout had lived in a cave in the bank of the river that ran through Erlestoke. As the city grew, he needed to blend in with the people there so he could come and go freely. Scout explained how he became intrigued by the short, fickle lives of humans and often posed as a young orphan so he could go unnoticed as he watched them go about their lives. He apologized for keeping a secret (one he asked them to keep—most people would take issue with a dragon living among them in secret) but wondered how they managed not to notice; he had somehow managed to communicate with their Kobold minion Yith for weeks and none of the group asked how. 

Once everything was explained (and all of Kona's valuables collected), the group returned to town to find Malin and Andal and the rest of the council so they could share the news of Kona's demise. The found the council members all together just outside the keep. Ames made a commotion about Julliumz and the Dragonborn tried to explain that there was powerful magic on him. Julliumz even pulled another card from the Deck of Many Things to prove her point but when she drew the card, nothing seemed to happen…

Ames shouted some more, growing even angrier and then told the group to get their shit together and stormed off (but remained close enough to eavesdrop). Cesc took Malin and Andal away to tend to their wounds but not before they told the group of a celebration in a week's time to honour them and thank them for their efforts to save the town from Kona and his plot. 

Ecile, left alone with the PCs, tried to understand what had come over Ames and warned the group of so flippantly using an item of such magical power. She suggested that whatever had come over Ames could maybe be reversed, but only by a VERY powerful being. Afterward, she agreed to help Nuck investigate The Ring of the Grammarian and its whereabouts (which Thanel had suggested Nuck find and collect). Ecile said her goodbyes and went to begin her research.

After Ecile and Cesc and the others had left, Tela and Finare (Cesc's two acolytes) approached the group and asked them if they had prepared for their journey to collect the Quiama Crystal. They suggested that Cesc would be willing to waive the 1000 GP debt the group had (for resurrecting Wax) if they collected the crystal for her. The group seemed to like this new option and added the quest to their to-do list. 

As they left the walls enclosing the keep and began to head back to their Inn outside of town, they ran into Porl and Cyril—Borc's two brothers who had just gained positions as town guards in Hythe. They let Borc know that they had run into their old pit-fighting friend and mentor Earthbreaker Gav. In fact, he was a fight trainer in the nearby town of Auchendinny. They suggested Borc go and pay him a visit to say hello and to learn a few new tricks. 

The group reviewed their to-do list on the way to the Inn. There were plenty of options and they planned to wait until after the celebration—their celebration—to undertake any new adventures. 



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