Borc's Bandits

Episode 19: Nuck's Revenge

"Look! We found the second piece of the map. In unrelated news, I lost the first piece."

The last episode ended with Nuck blindfolded and grappled by his arch-enemy, Dejan Bo. MaXaib, the powerful Sorcerer, had gotten the drop on Borc after banishing Wax to another dimension. 

From their hiding spot in the adjacent cavern, Magick and Julliumz rushed in to help their friends. A blast of Magick's arcane energy hit Dejan in the shoulder, staggering the fighter and forcing him to release Nuck. The dark elf Monk grabbed his weapon from the ground and took a defensive posture as Borc rushed forward to help him battle Dejan. Meanwhile, MaXaib the Sorcerer magically teleported himself into the next cavern over and attempted to escape down a dark tunnel. Magick and Julliumz chased after him.

Dejan, grinning at the chance to finish Nuck off once and for good, whispered a word against the blade of his longsword which burst into crackling yellow and orange flames. Undeterred, Borc heaved his great axe, again and again, forcing Dejan backward as Nuck peppered the evil brute with well-aimed ranged attacks. Metal clanged against metal as Dejan tried to parry Borc's attacks. In between thrusts Borc tried to dodge the swings of the flaming sword avoiding some but howling in pain at others.

In the next chamber, MaXaib turned to see two adventurers chasing him through the tunnel. He threw an arm out behind himself casting a spell. Julliumz and Magic recognized a familiar yellow bead shooting towards them and instinctively backpedaled as the yellow spark erupted into a massive fireball blasting them backward through the air. They had to scramble away as the tunnel caved in on itself blocking their path to the fleeing Sorcerer. 

As MaXaib fled, Wax popped back into the cavern in an arcane flash of light and rushed into the fray alongside Borc. Spotting an opportunity, Nuck rushed forward with his magical short sword just as Borc and Wax combined to shove Dejan backward. The massive cultists tumbled down rough stone stairs landing on his back with a thud. He looked up just in time to see Nuck leaping through the air clutching his sword in two hands. As he fell Nuck drove the glowing bronze blade deep into Dejan's chest, and shifted into a spin upon landing swinging his right foot in a wide arc straight into the side of Dejan's head. A cringe-worthy crack echoed through the cave and Dejan's head fell tilting awkwardly to the side. At last, he was dead.

Magick and Julliumz quickly returned and informed the group that the Sorcerer had got away. The next moment, Borc finally realized that the Sorcerer must have stolen the first half of the map back when—still disguised as a commoner—he fell into Borc's arms. Borc also noticed that his coin purse was missing and grew angry in spite of his success in the fight.

Nuck ran to the other prisoner—an old Monk from the same monastery named Kain Kotaro. Julliumz healed Nuck's old ally who told the group all that he knew about the cult: it was a smokescreen obscuring the fact that there were only two or three actual cultists. One of them, Dejan, had been interrogating captured town guardsmen making them give up information on citizens of Hythe. Those citizens were then blackmailed into posing as cultists and doing MaXaib's bidding. Kain had been forced to train those slave cultists in stealth and hand-to-hand combat. 

The group, unnerved by this development, decided to retreat and take stock of the situation at their inn outside of town. Kain headed to the stables to inform the town guards about what had transpired and the group traveled to their inn where they rested overnight. 

In the morning, they inspected the renovations and applauded Scout on his work acquiring cattle, chickens, and goats in addition to the requested supplies. When the others were distracted, Nuck paid Scout an extra 20 GP for his efforts. After leaving a final construction to-do list, they decided that they had better begin their trip to Erlestoke if they wanted to get there in time for the feast to which Cadwgawn had invited them. 

They purchased riding horses at the stables and checked in to make sure Kain was doing alright after his ordeal. Then, they quickly headed out of town and north to Erlestoke. When it was time to camp, Julliumz cast a newly-learned spell providing them an arcane sanctuary where they could rest undisturbed. However, having left no one awake to keep guard, they awoke to find one of their horses had been stolen by someone passing by in the night. 

Having learned an important lesson about taking care of their things (maybe), they continued on towards Erlestoke, unsure of what to expect but excited nonetheless. 



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